Principles for a sustainable economy

“Sustainability has a necessary condition, the creation of wealth, however such is not a sufficient condition. Sustainability of society through time is only guaranteed by an equitable distribution of wealth”.

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Interview to Milagros Brito, Vizora

Milagros Brito was interviewed by Alzas y Bajas where she addressed several topics related to Vizora.

Clarín Rural Interview to Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito, holder of Grupo Macro, was interviewed by Clarín Rural on the venture of Inversora Juramento

Who is who? Walter Lanosa, General Manager of Genneia

Walter Lanosa is the General Manager of Genneia, company of Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge H. Brito.

Exportable supply in the province of salta: Frigorífico Bermejo

Frigorífico Bermejo S.A. is one of the leading companies in the northern region of Argentina. It owns a model industrial slaughtering and meat industrialization beef plant.

Cabaña Juramento: boutique butcher shops that integrates all production stages

Cabaña Juramento -

Cabaña Juramento has a unique model in Argentina dedicated to the vertical integration of the whole farming-cattle raising production process.

“It is vital not to have fiscal deficit”

Jorge Brito, president of Banco Macro, explains his views on the economic reality of the country in his editorial for the newspaper Perfil.

“Social inclusion and financial education are not only one of the pillars of the Bank, but also a process that leads to the growth of the financial system”

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