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Jorge Horacio Brito believes in the values of innovation and integration as strategic guides that prompt him to grow and develop in different business areas. In the real estate business through Vizora. In farming and cattle raising activities: Inversora Juramento. Frigorífico Bermejo. Cabaña Juramento. In the energy industry: Genneia S.A.

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Banco Macro updates its app with a simpler format and it allows its clients to check their account activity and make transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a secure and easy way. These are the activities that can be performed in the new App, among others: viewing the card spending; checking […]

Jorge Brito and his passion for agricultural production

Jorge Brito, president of Banco Macro, in a deep conversation with Gente magazine in his farm in Salta, heart of Inversora Juramento.

Who is who? Walter Lanosa, General Manager of Genneia

Walter Lanosa is the General Manager of Genneia, company of Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge H. Brito.

Genneia places its trust in Plan Renovar

Genneia, a company under the leadership of Jorge Brito Jr., is one of the big players in terms of renewable energy.

Genneia will invest USD 40 million in a wind farm in Chubut

Genneia, company belonging to Jorge Brito, will make an important investment in a wind farm in the province of Chubut in order to expand its power capacity.

Who is who?

Once again, Fortuna magazine published its “Who is who?” In this opportunity it was the turn of Genneia, one of the companies belonging to Jorge Brito.

Interview to Milagros Brito, Vizora

Milagros Brito was interviewed by Alzas y Bajas where she addressed several topics related to Vizora.

“We are very confident” Jorge Brito (h)

Jorge Brito (h), who is in charge of the renewable energies company Genneia, was interviewed by El Cronista Comercial on the reality of its company and the country.

Clarín Rural Interview to Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito, holder of Grupo Macro, was interviewed by Clarín Rural on the venture of Inversora Juramento

“The course given to the economy is the right one”

Jorge Brito has been granted the 2016 Business Achievement Award by Fortuna magazine.