Banco Macro and Tierra del Fuego will build a rugby field for The Espartanos

The government of Tierra del Fuego Province through an agreement with Fundación Banco Macro, the Unión de Rugby de Tierra del Fuego and Fundación Espartanos, will start the construction of a synthetic turf rugby field in the Penitentiary Unit No. 1 of the City of Río Grande.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the promotion of social and labor training activities carried out by the Government of the Province in order to increase awareness among the inmates on the importance of work as a tool for social inclusion, professional and economic development for the individual and its family.

Governor ​Rosana Bertone​, ​Milagro Medrano ​of ​Fundación Banco Macro; Pablo Googler, ​Executive Director of the ​“Fundación Espartanos”; ​and Sergio Amaya, ​President of the ​Unión de Rugby de Tierra del Fuego were parties to the agreement.

“This agreement is part of our plan to be able to help the Espartanos. We started last year knowing that this project has a much deeper meaning which is to achieve the positive reintegration of those who are now deprived of their liberty. This year, ​Fundación Banco Macro will invest 14 million pesos”, declared  ​Milagro Medrano​, representative of the organization.

Fundación Banco Macro continues to firmly bet on inclusion and social reintegration. A result of this was the agreement entered into with Fundación Espartanos in the year 2017, with the aim of working on the construction of rugby fields and classrooms in penitentiaries in the provinces of Misiones, Salta and Tucuman, Jujuy, Corrientes, Mendoza, La Pampa and Santa Fe.

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