Banco Macro continues consolidating its growth

In an interview granted to Revista Económica, Jorge Brito stated that the entity continues consolidating its asset growth.

As regards the operating results obtained throughout the year 2016, Jorge Brito stated that “The operating results obtained by Banco Macro were satisfactory, especially considering that they were achieved within the framework of a highly complex activity, as a result, to a large extent, of the problems the current government inherited from the previous one. The year 2016 started in a context of strong distortion of relative prices, high inflation and fiscal and monetary out of control variables. We stated in that moment that to get out of that situation was going to be hard. The returns obtained by Banco Macro have been positive, small but praiseworthy for all the above reasons.”

Moreover, he emphasized that “Banco Macro has been able to consolidate its asset growth and its liquidity and solvency ratios are highly satisfactory. Both the excess on integration of minimum capitals and the coverage of deposits widely exceed the market averages.”

Looking towards this year, Jorge Brito, holder of Banco Macro, affirmed that they will continue growing towards the provinces, thus confirming one of the founding strategies of the Bank.

Jorge Brito is convinced that the provinces are key for the future of the country. It is for this reason that Banco Macro is found there, among its current and potential customers, with the objective to learn and contribute to their needs and projects in order to satisfy the local demand.

When asked about the virtual community of Banco Macro, he answered that in this way it was possible to create a space where customers interact and are faced with situations, obstacles and real life characters, which allows to build a close relationship within its members, giving way to express their feelings and emotions for them to be better understood. Banco Macro is a leader in customer service and this tool is important to keep working in this sense.

Lastly, regarding the prospects for the year 2017, Jorge Brito stated: “We have already said that to get out from the economic situation left by the previous government wasn’t going to be easy. We think that the measures taken by the new government in regard to the lifting of state control over currency exchange and its substitution for a flexible exchange rate and the solution to the holdouts problem are right. It is hard to correct the distorted relative prices in a context of high inflation and with the poverty levels Argentina has, and the government is trying to do its best, sometimes with advances and setbacks. We must be patient and give it time, knowing that an important part of the population is going through a very difficult situation. We are still positive, we believe in our people and in that, with basic agreements and consensus, we will be able to get out little by little with a growth trend. A 3% growth in the GDP is expected for this year.”

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Published: - | Source: Revista Económica