Buenos Aires, May 18, 2020. Banco Macro publishes its “2019 Integrated Annual Report” whereby it communicates to its shareholders, investors, clients, suppliers, collaborators, allied organizations, public sector, media and local communities, its strategy, management and performance during 2019 and future outlook and prospects for its business.

In its 13th edition, Banco Macro continues using the reference framework of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and reports its performance under the scope of six capitals. Actually, in 2014 Banco Macro was the first financial institution in Argentina to submit an Integrated Report.

As in the last several years, the report was prepared in compliance with GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative, but we highlight that this year Banco Macro managed to meet the Comprehensive option. As an evidence of the progress in the performance of sustainability indicators, Banco Macro reports, for the first time, all of the contents and indicators applicable to the organization.

The Integrated Annual Report constitutes the 2019 Communication for Progress of the Bank, as a way to render accounts of the progress related to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.  Likewise Banco Macro submits the commitment with 2030 Global Agenda and identifies the 11 UN Sustainable Development Goals on which the Bank makes a major contribution.  

As to the Financial Capital, the 2019 Report shows results in the amount of AR$41,563, 159% higher than the prior year. As to Industrial Capital the Bank shows its infrastructure throughout Argentina: 463 branches and 1,542 ATMs to reach 3.7 million customers in Individual Banking and in excess of 86,000 in Corporate Banking.

In addition, more than 18 million pesos were invested in the Naves Program, in furtherance of boosting entrepreneurs and SMEs in Argentina.  As to its Intellectual Capital the Report reflects the completion of the digital onboarding, for account opening through App Macro and the launching of Chatferencias, that allows making transfers by WhatsApp at any time and place.

As to social and environmental matters, Human Capital reports the Bank’s initiatives to accompany the professional development of its 8,711 employees.  In the Great Place to Work survey 75% of the employees consider that Banco Macro is an excellent workplace. As to Social and Relational Capital, “Healthy Accounts”, the financial education and inclusion program, conducted more than 400 workshops for 33,056 beneficiaries. The Bank’s social investment was in excess of 131 million pesos. Finally, as to Natural Capital the Bank moved forward in the approval of the Environmental Policy of


the building Torre Macro in the frame of the Environmental Management System Rule ISO 14.001:2015.

“We are the private bank with the largest branch network in Argentina. Financial education and inclusion is in the core of our business, focusing on vulnerable sectors and in the creation of opportunities in each region in Argentina. The 2019 Integrated Annual Report reflects our efforts and results in the quest of being the most sustainable Bank in the federal level”, stated Milagro Medrano, Institutional Relations and Customer Service Manager at Banco Macro.


To access the 2019 Integrated Annual Report, go to


Milagro Medrano

Institutional Relations and Customer Service Manager

Banco Macro


Banco Macro has a staff of 8672 employees, 1542 ATMs, 938 self-service terminals and a structure of 494 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.



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