Cabaña Juramento: boutique butcher shops that integrates all production stages

Cabaña Juramento, a company of the group led by Jorge Brito, is the result of the merger, work and experience of Inversora Juramento S.A. and Frigorífico Bermejo, which resulted in the integration of all production stages: sowing, cattle raising and breeding, slot rearing, packaging and marketing. An original online spot explains the process:


Inversora Juramento S.A. is one of the largest farming-cattle companies in the Argentine Northwestern Region.  Located in the Province of Salta, is a model, domestic capital company governed by the highest quality standards. It concentrates its activities in a group of land which aggregate exceeds 85,000 hectares, of which 56,000 are productive land 2/3 dedicated to cattle grazing and the outstanding third to farming purposes.

Thus, Cabaña Juramento has a unique model in Argentina dedicated to the vertical integration of the whole farming-cattle raising production process.

All products of Cabaña Juramento are sold vaccum packed.

Frigorífico Bermejo is also a leader player in the region through its model industrial plant for industrial slaughtering and meat industrialization.

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