Inversora Juramento

Inversora Juramento S.A., founded in 1990, is one of the leading farming-cattle companies in the Argentine Northern Region. Its core business is cow breeding and meat industrialization and commercialization, and to a lesser extent, agricultural sowing activities.

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Jorge Brito and his passion for agricultural production

Jorge Brito, president of Banco Macro, in a deep conversation with Gente magazine in his farm in Salta, heart of Inversora Juramento.

Clarín Rural Interview to Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito, holder of Grupo Macro, was interviewed by Clarín Rural on the venture of Inversora Juramento

Inversora Juramento: best Q3

Once again, Ámbito Financiero published Q3 results for Inversora Juramento, a company of Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge Brito.

Inversora Juramento: Quarterly Report

The newspaper Ámbito Financiero published the results of Inversora Juramento, a company owned by Jorge Brito.

Inversora Juramento: beyond the juncture

Inversora Juramento is a company of the group of companies of businessman Jorge Brito.

Inversora Juramento: The Salta corporation that went public to grow

Inversora Juramento is one of the leading and fastest- growing farming companies in the northern region of Argentina. It was incorporated in 1990 and is currently implementing an ambitious expansion plan.