Jorge Brito

Here you may find the biography and also comments, remarks and interviews of Jorge Horacio Brito.

Leadership vision 2017: Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito, holder of Banco Macro, provided some key points on his vision as leader of 2017 for El Cronista.

Interview to Jorge Brito in Canal 26

In the programme “Líderes hoy” (leaders today) broadcasted by Canal 26, Cecilia Luchia Puig conducted an interview to the CEO of Banco Macro, Jorge Brito.

“The course given to the economy is the right one”

Jorge Brito has been granted the 2016 Business Achievement Award by Fortuna magazine.

“The direction where the economy is headed is the right one”

Jorge Brito has been awarded by Fortune Magazine with the Business Career award 2016.
The magazine has published an article that goes over his career and also details his analysis of Argentina´s current situation.

An outlook of the current situation

Bank Magazine interviewed the president of Banco Macro, Jorge Brito, tackling several issues such as the purchase of Citibank in Argentina, his stepping down from ADEBA and his opinion on the incumbent Administration.

A balance of the current economic conditions

“Social inclusion and financial education are not only one of the pillars of the Bank, but also a process that leads to the growth of the financial system”

“Inflation cannot be reduced as if by magic”

In an interview with Perfil newspaper, Jorge Brito, president of Banco Macro stated his opinion on Argentina’s economic state of affairs.

“Economic Expectations continue being favorable”

“Inflation is an issue that calls for action not for worries. We believe in policies that set inflation goals but that also preserve growth.”
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