Clarín Rural Interview to Jorge Brito

Jorge Brito, holder of Grupo Macro, was interviewed by Clarín Rural on the venture of Inversora Juramento.

In this interview Jorge Brito, in charge of Inversora Juramento, reviews its project dedicated to the livestock business.

“I always liked cows and the livestock business. In the 80s I started to look for a field in the NEA, in Reconquista, in Chaco and Formosa. But I was immediately aware of the potential of Salta”.

In 1992 they offered him a field of 45,000 hectares with 1,200 cleared, in Joaquín V. González.

“There, it doesn’t rain for five months in winter. I liked that, because a dry environment is ideal for livestock. Particularly for what I wanted to do, a large-scale feedlot. And in that moment, Salta didn’t produce the 85% of the meat it consumed. They looked at me as an odd man: the feedlot was something unknown in all the country, especially in the NOA”. There he put together the feedlot project and started to fill the pens. In 1993, when it was just starting, an opportunity arose: a meat-packing plant had just been built in Pichanal, in the north of Salta. There the fat livestock was scarce. It was 220 kilometers from the feedlot, but it felt like an intolerable gap: to produce at a high level and end up slaughtering in low-quality slaughterhouses. “We bought it to close the circle”.

Since then, he didn’t stop. One thing led to another. The meat-packing plant needed 300 heads per day. The feedlot had to grow fast. There were calves in the region. But food had to be provided for. He started to buy and open fields to sow corn, soybean and alfalfa. Now, he has 87,414 hectares in the region. 20,000 in legal reserves as protected areas, 42,000 assigned to livestock and 16,000 for farming, corn-soybean rotation – half and half. All the corn production and the majority of the soybean production is destined to the feedlot. They do corn chopping for direct delivery and corn silage.

From the field to the shelf. “For many years I grew in volume, but without developing a brand. What I saw was that I was dealing with a commercial chain that paid in 60 days what disappeared in 48 hours. This drove me to open my own butcher shops”.

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