Jorge BritoFundación Banco Macro, together with the Ministry of Production of the Province of Salta and the water utility company Aguas del Norte, completed the construction of the water well in the district of Tartagal, that will be directly benefiting the Municipal Hospital Juan Domingo Perón and the inhabitants of the referred district in Northern Salta.

Last May the Ministry of Provincial Infrastructure, Sergio Camacho, and the Divisional Manager of Banco Macro, Jorgelina Basso entered into an agreement for the drilling of the well that has been currently completed.

The government of Salta provided the water pre-feasibility survey that enabled selecting the spot where the well is actually located and Fundación Banco Macro provided the funds to solve the lack of water supply thus providing sustainable access to safe drinking water.  The drilling and construction of such well benefits the Municipal Hospital of Tartagal and the local community as a whole, with a population in excess of 65,000.

The investment in the works amounted to AR$10 million pesos.

The well has a diameter of 12.5 inches, a depth of 195 meters and a water flow of 25,000 liters per hour. The well is equipped with an electrical generator to ensure continued supply in case of power cuts.

On Thursday, August 13th tests were run to establish the water flow. In the following days determinations will be made to establish the type of pump and equipment necessary to conduct safe water pumping.

“These works jointly conducted by Fundación Banco Macro, the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Province of Salta and the water utility company Aguas del Norte not only involve the execution of a project but the actual possibility of improving the life quality of the inhabitants of the City of Tartagal. The water well renews our social commitment towards the citizens of Salta and boosts all our projects in furtherance of the development of Argentina” stated the president of Banco Macro, Jorge Horacio Brito.

The governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, stated in his social networks that “a historical debt has been fulfilled” and that “the government of Salta cares for the people (#GobiernoPresente)and  caters for the needs of the people. We undertook the commitment and we fulfilled it” he concluded.

The Minister of Infrastructure of Salta, Sergio Camacho, stated: “This is the first production well in the city, thus indicating that the prior surveys were correct and this encourages us to go further in the analysis of the basin for future works”.

“Water is an essential element for human life, moreover in the current circumstances, as evidenced by the public health problems that existed in our district in the past. From Banco Macro we support small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and the community as a whole, and now we move a step forward ensuring the availability of this vital resource that allows providing sanitation to the Juan Domingo Perón local hospitalstated Jorgelina Basso, Banco Macro Divisional Manager in the Province of Salta.

In addition to donating this water well, Banco Macro contributed economic and administrative resources to the Solidarity Fund to fight COVID-19 in Salta, an initiative that was launched by the Secretariat for the Modernization of the State, controlled by the Government’s General Secretariat, participating in such fund together with other companies in order to purchase medical equipment and goods in general.

Milagro Medrano

Institutional Relations and Customer Service Manager

Banco Macro


Banco Macro has a staff of 8706 employees, 1547 ATMs, 957 self-service terminals and a structure of 500 attention points, currently being the private bank with the largest branch network throughout Argentina, ranking first among Domestic Private Banks.

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