Genneia will invest USD 40 million in a wind farm in Chubut

Genneia, company belonging to Jorge Brito, will make an important investment in a wind farm in the province of Chubut in order to expand its power capacity.

Genneia, the energy company under the leadership of Jorge Brito, will be installing 12 wind turbines in its farm located in Rawson (Chubut) for the purpose of selling the energy to major companies in the country.

With this project, Genneia, will expand to more than 24 MV the power of the wind farm that today generates 77 MW and will reach 100 MW. It is the largest wind farm in Argentina.

Although construction has already started, the project will be feasible once the Government regulates this market.

Genneia’s wind farm began operating in 2012 and has 43 windmills that generate 300,000 MWh per year, the equivalent of the consumption of 100,000 houses.

It is on this venture that the investment to incorporate power will be made, allocating the trifling sum of USD 40 million.

Published: - | Source: Iprofesional