Genneia´s Rawson wind farm: a model of efficiency

In 2014 Genneia, a company of the group chaired by businessman Jorge Brito, produced 294,058 MWh of clean energy. Three years after its startup, the wind farm generated 865,621 MWh; triggering US$180 Million savings in fuel imports and avoiding the release of nearly 600,000 carbon dioxide tons into the atmosphere.

Thus, Rawson Wind Farm provided 294,058 MWh of clean energy to the Argentine National Grid.

Genneia’s wind farm in the Province of Chubut has 43 wind turbines with a capacity of 1.8 MW each. In its three years life span the wind farm has achieved its yield goals, estimated in a yearly production of 300,000 MWh, thus supplying clear energy to the permanent consumption of 100,000 households in Argentina.

In 2014 Genneia hit a new record in electricity generation by breaking the 1,000 GWh production barrier for the first time.

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