Interview to Jorge Brito on the national stage

La Gaceta interviewed Jorge Brito, where the holder of Banco Macro spoke on various aspects of the political and economic reality of the country.

“The country will grow when we stop fighting and start thinking one step further than tomorrow, a little further more” was one of the many reflections stated by Jorge Brito, who presides Banco Macro, to La Gaceta during his interview.

In terms of the arrival of foreign capital he argued that: “I believe that some foreign capitals are arriving and that, half-heartedly, some investments can be seen. However, I consider that the significant capitals will wait for the legislative elections of next year and, depending on how they develop, then, they will make the decisions, they will decide the major investments. The more investments, the greater the possibility of generating employment opportunities. And that is what we have to understand, Argentina can not stop growing”.

Analyzing the last year, Jorge H. Brito stated that: “I think we should be pleased that today, in Argentina, we live within a system where there is evidence of a change. You can agree or disagree, you can be in favor of or against. But what can not be doubted is that we were down a road, economically, that led us to something similar to Venezuela. From this point of view, I say that it was a 180º spin, and looking towards the growing countries. However, we should note that we are living in a quite complicated world. We saw it with the Brexit; we perceived it with the triumph of Donald Trump in the presidential elections of the United States. What is happening is quite unpredictable. It is like the people are angry with the political class and they vote against it. That is why I say that we should be very careful; we must be very sensitive to understand what happens to people, because we are living that world which is somewhat complicated”.

These were some of Jorge Brito statements to La Gaceta.

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Published: - | Source: La Gaceta