Interview to Milagros Brito, Vizora

Milagros Brito was interviewed by Alzas y Bajas where she addressed several topics related to Vizora.

During the interview, Milagros Brito, went over her professional journey as head of Vizora.

Marketing specialist, Milagros Brito began in the real-estate market by chance. Her first project was Arboris Las Lomas. “With Arboris we conducted an important research on what was being offered in the area, and also on what was being demanded. Nobody had dared to build apartments that big in that area because they competed with the houses, and the realtors, with the bias to develop small ventures in order to sell them fast, did not understand that there was a sector that did not want a house but wanted to live in an enclosed complex with luxury amenities and that did not care to pay for it as much as for a house. But to understand that problem, it is necessary to understand the market, to understand what the client really wants, as an essential step to sell him an idea. In this case, we perceived that, maybe, there were many couples in the area that saw their kids start their own lives and wanted to sell their houses and move into a place like this, where they didn’t have to maintain a whole building and where, eventually, they could feel safe to lock the door and travel to Europe for 15 days”.

The most differentiating quality of Milagros Brito is knowing very well how to sell luxury. “What I always say is that we sell lifestyles. We show the people that in that investment place they can live their lives. Obviously it is different to speak to someone that is looking for an investment that to someone who is going to use the space to live. But is equally worthy for both. Marketing is focused on selling an idea of comfort and pleasure that exceeds a traditional real-estate project”.

“Being professional and looking at the market forces you to have a rapid response. One can make a business plan with time and values, but in reality, the market is changing all the time and one has to be behind each thing, sharpening the pencil because the margins become smaller and any mistake has a high cost. Matters such as the exchange rate, inflation, pesofication of a market used to operate in dollars were the important challenges of these years. If there is no multidisciplinary work team who works synchronously, you lose”.

Published: - | Source: Alzas & Bajas