Inversora Juramento: best Q3

Once again, Ámbito Financiero published Q3 results for Inversora Juramento, a company of Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge Brito.

According to the newspaper, this analysis restates all that was said about Q1 and Q2 this year. This semester registers the highest gross, operating and net result since it was first listed on December 16, 2010.

Inversora Juramento collected a revenue of 450 million ARS, 87% more than in June 2015, and along with the 47% increase in costs, it leaves a gross of 169 million ARS, 244% more than the previous year.

Although marketing costs rise 41%, the 21% delimited to the administrative costs, leaves Inversora Juramento, a company of Grupo Macro, whose president is Jorge Brito, an operating balance of 135 million ARS, over nine times the 14 million ARS from last year.

Published: - | Source: Ámbito Financiero