Inversora Juramento: beyond the juncture

According to an article published in Ámbito Financiero, Inversora Juramento, a company of the group of companies led by businessman Jorge Brito,  had a positive balance.

According to Ámbito, the cattle breeding cycle ranges from four to five years. Thus, the industry has to take a broader look encompassing more than one cycle and imagining the future, thinking in medium and long terms. The 2012-2014 climate conditions in the Argentine Northern Area (improvement in 2015) has been the worst in more than a century, resulting in an unprecedented cattle liquidation (that would be coming to an end).

Awaiting for the reversal of an adverse cycle, Inversora Juramento has increased its cattle for breeding and wintering purposes, prioritizing its own cattle over external purchases, thus ensuring quality and better prices, although making the pace of recovery to 2012 levels slower.

In accountancy terms, cost controls allowed increasing gross figures by 49%, which after taxes resulted in 22% higher operating revenues in comparison with previous figures.

To read the full article, go to: Ámbito Financiero 18-09-15.

Published: - | Source: Ámbito Financiero