Jorge Brito interviewed by Perfil

Jorge Brito, holder of Banco Macro, granted an interview to Perfil where several issues of political and economic reality of the country were addressed.

“All governments speak of the tax on deposits and Lebacs. They harm the depositor. It seems as it affects us but if politics does not understand it… They do not realize that they tax the savings. It is not so serious in the face of what happens today in Argentina. Nobody is going to stop making deposits, it will be an increase that will be transferred into the cost of who takes out a loan”, voiced Jorge Brito.

Concerning the investments, Jorge Brito answered that: “There was not an important investment in all the year. It does not mean that it is weaker. It has moved forward in many issues, but you do not have a republic”.

Jorge Brito concluded the interview saying “If you build a republic, capitals will arrive, they will arrive if there is a country. Today we are far away from any building”.

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Published: - | Source: Perfil