Milagros Brito: Captain of a Premium ship

Milagro Brito, President of Vizora –the real estate developer of the Jorge Brito’s company group- was interviewed by the journal “In”, where she talked about the challenges that she faces conducting  Vizora.

With nearly ten years leading the real estate development company, the young businesswoman has gone a long way in the road of building exclusive projects oriented at the premium select market.

Vizora, with projects in San Isidro, Tigre and Puerto Madero, combines different types of buildings and adapts to the needs of a market sector that is also targeted by other players such as Irsa and Consultatio, among other few companies.

But being a member of the Macro Group brings about privileges for Macro: a unit of the company is exclusively engaged in the design and adaptation of branches of the Bank and is currently conducting the development of Macro’s corporate tower designed by the internationally acclaimed architect, Cesar Pelli.

“The Banco Macro Tower will, of course, have Cesar Pelli’s seal, however, perhaps more from the inside than from the outside” Brito explains.

“Vizora has no building company of its own: our job is to coordinate all the parts of a development” she explains in her interview with the Journal “In”.

To read the full article go to:Revista In Semanal n° 77.

Published: - | Source: In Semanal