Milagros Brito interview

Harper´s Bazaar magazine interviewed Milagros Brito who is in charge of the real estate developer, Vizora.

The property developer which is one of the companies that constitutes Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge Brito, not only proposes real estate projects but life styles.

The talk revolved around four topics: managing, projecting, executing and luxury.

“There´s nothing I enjoy more than the start up of a new work. I feel that my role is key in this stage. Choosing the site, imagining the development, defining its architecture and then materializing the undertaking”, states Milagros Brito.

Vizora´s basic intention is “leaving its mark on each work”, confesses Milagros.

This surely was Jorge Brito´s idea when he summoned her daughter to be in charge of the branding and marketing of the group´s first project.

Milagros Brito devotes the same intense and endless energy to her family, made up by her husband and three children. Fun fact: She reveals that her three pregnancies coincided with her first projects: Arboris Las Lomas, Zencity Puerto Madero y Madero Walk.

Vizora will inaugurate the Torre Macro in 2017. It is being designed by the renowned architect César Pelli. “It will become a landmark in the city, in the financial district, in Catalinas (…)”, guarantees Milagros Brito.

Published: - | Source: Harper's Bazaar