New lines of credit

“Concerning the companies, Banco Macro, will focus on work, particularly in SMEs, micro-businesses and the agribusiness”, stated Jorge Brito, holder of Banco Macro.

According to the statements made to Prensa Económica, Jorge Brito, president of Banco Macro, expects a moderate growth in the economy, in the order of 3% per year.

“We expect it to be the starting point for a sustained growth process, along with the necessary social inclusion.”

Assessing the current economic situation, Jorge Brito points out that “the previous government left huge distortions, whose correction will not be easy and will require time and patience.”

Concerning banking entities, Brito determines that “banks have a lot of work ahead of them, since the ratio for bank credit to the private sector in the economy, in terms of GDP, is still very low (16%), even as compared with other countries of the region.”

“Banco Macro, in companies as well as in individuals, is going to persevere in its development towards the provinces, where there is a productive potential of promising future,” noted the president of the entity, Jorge Brito.

Lastly, with regard to the returns, Jorge Brito claims that they expect “positive returns, satisfying but moderate when measured in a constant currency, as it has been happening for the last years. Sufficient enough to increase the assets of the bank and consolidate its liquidity and solvency.”

Published: - | Source: Prensa Económica