Renewable Energy: “Argentina is qualified to generate its own resources”

An article published in the newspaper Ambito Financiero, informs that the current Administration launched its renewable energy policy in its RenovAr Program, for the purpose of building new renewable energy sources and thus, be able to overcome the energy crisis and to reduce contamination levels.

The President of Argentina talked with Jorge Brito (h), chairman of Genneia, confirming that “the announcement on renewable energies is very important. I am convinced that Argentina is qualifies to generate its own resources through wind and solar power”.

Additionally, Jorge Brito (h), pointed out that “such investments in, and support to, renewable energies will create jobs throughout Argentina and will bring about production stability, since sometimes industries are forced to curb their output due to power constraints”.

The meeting was held at the launching ceremony of the government’s renewable energy project, in which it places high expectations in terms of real US dollar investment inflow and of generating more electricity.

The ceremony was attended by the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, together with the ministers of Energy, Juan José Aranguren, and Environmental Matters, Sergio Bergman, and the Major of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, at the Environmental Information and Education Center located in Villa Lugano.

The first tender for this project –which will be completed in September 2016- was launched at the referred ceremony.


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Published: - | Source: Ámbito Financiero