“The course given to the economy is the right one”

Jorge Brito has been granted the 2016 Business Achievement Award by Fortuna magazine.

In his interview for the magazine, his business achievements and his analysis on the current state of affairs can be found.

Jorge Brito began his business activity 40 years ago. He is the president and main shareholder of Grupo Macro, and he has diversified his activity towards real estate, renewable energies and farming.

Jorge Horacio Brito was granted Fortuna’s Business Achievement Award, and this prize finds him in full activity and with a hopeful look towards Argentina and its future.

“Having started from scratch I cannot but feel pleased with all I have achieved. They had asked me if this was my objective, and to have dreamed something like this is impossible. Of course, one sets mid-term and long-term objectives, but this profession is a constant challenge. Nowadays, we are waiting to see if we finalize the acquisition of Citi’s retail business. A good entrepreneur, precisely, is the one who is always thinking about the future and how to keep on growing”, declares the president of Banco Macro.

Besides being the president and main shareholder of Grupo Macro, Jorge Brito owns holdings in real estate via the real estate developer Vizora, in Inversora Juramento (livestock) and Genneia SA (renewable energy).

When asked what led him to diversify himself, Jorge Brito answered: “Big concentrations are not good. On the other hand, some interest businesses have surfaced, such as renewable energies or farming, where I am since 2009 via Inversora Juramento. It is the only business in the country that performs the whole farming process, from breeding, production, refrigeration, export and now also sales through their own butcher shops”.

Regarding his resignation to ADEBA, he states that “two years before, I had announced that I was leaving office. I accepted that last period because I didn’t want it to look like Kirchner fired me. Our relationship was at its worst, and not because of me, but because of them”.

Jorge Brito stressed that he never had a relationship with Guillermo Moreno, former Secretary of Commerce, but that “the two times he summoned me in his last year as Secretary of Commerce, he did it by a registered letter[1], warning me that if I failed to attend he would make me attend by the use of public force. I went to see him and I told him, <Speak to me with respect because if not I will get up and leave.> And he spoke to me with respect”.

In terms of the economic policy of the current government, Jorge Brito expressed that “to take a snapshot today is unfair. We have to see the whole picture, i.e, the state of affairs in which the President receives the country. The course given to the economy is the right one, what should be considered is if the tools are the most suitable ones or if there are any other which are better. The tax amnesty is very important for this Government, and in this respect I am optimistic. I believe the figure will be round USD 70,000 million”.

[1] Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt advice and receipt return [issued in three copies, the original of which is for the addressee, and the other two copies of which are one for the sender and one for the post office (all of which is deemed as a means of evidence)


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