“The direction where the economy is headed is the right one”

Jorge Brito has been awarded by Fortune Magazine with the Business Career award 2016.

The magazine has published an article that goes over his career and also details his analysis of Argentina´s current situation.

Jorge Brito started his business career 40 years ago. He is the president  and main shareholder of Grupo Macro. He was wise enough to diversify his businesses towards real estate, renewable energies and agriculture.

Jorge Horacio Brito has been granted the Fortune Business Career award. He received this prize in a very hectic moment. He also thinks that the future of Argentina looks promising.

‘I feel deeply pleased with everything I have accomplished, considering that I have started from scratch. I have been asked if this was my goal and it is really impossible to dream something of the sort. Naturally, one sets medium and long-term objectives but this profession is an ongoing challenge. We are currently expecting to conclude the purchase of Citi´s retail business. A good entrepeneur is the one who always thinks of the future and his growth´, declares Banco Macro´s president.

Besides being the president and main shareholder of Grupo Macro, Jorge Brito participates from the real estate market through Vizora developer, Inversora Juramento (agriculture) and Genneia SA (renewable energy).

When he was asked what had led him to deversify, Jorge Brito‘s answer was: ´Great concentrations are never positive. On the other hand, interesting business opportunities have arisen in the industries of renewable energy and agriculture. I participate from them through Inversora Juramento since 2009. It is the only company in the country that performs the entire agricultural process, from the breeding, slaughter, cold storage, exportation and now it is in charge of selling the goods through their own butcher´s shop.

As regards his resigning from ADEBA he stated: ´I´d already announced my resignation from my position two years before. I accepted that last term because I did not want it to seem like the Kirchners had fired me. It was the worst period of our relationship, not because of me but because of them.´

Jorge Brito emphasized that he has never been related to Guillermo Moreno, former secretary of Domestic Trade. ´Both of the times he called me during his last year as secretary of domestic trade, he did so through a registered letter. He also warned me about requesting law enforcement aid to take me if I did not want to meet with him. I finally did and I told him: ´Talk to me properly and with respect because if you don´t do it, I´ll stand up and leave´. He spoke decently and with respect.

With reference to the current economic policies of the government, Jorge Brito expressed: ´It would be unfair to take a picture today. You have to see the whole movie, meaning, the state in which the President received our country. The direction where the economy is headed is the right one. We have to make sure wether the instruments are suitable or if there are better ones.  The tax amnesty  is very important for this government and I am optimistic in that respect. I believe that the figures will be near the U$S 70.000 million.

Published: - | Source: Fortuna