“We are very confident” Jorge Brito (h)

Jorge Brito (h), who is in charge of the renewable energies company Genneia, was interviewed by El Cronista Comercial on the reality of its company and the country.

“We are very confident”, are the words of Jorge Brito (h) when speaking about the company he presides, Genneia.

Genneia will count with an investment of 900 million USD in the next 3 years and, in this way, looks to consolidate as the leading company in wind power generation, with 20% of the market.

“In parallel, we continue to analyze other kinds of alternative energies, such as solar or bio energies, and we aim for the company to plunge into the foreign market in the next two or three years”, stated Jorge Brito (h).

Jorge Brito (h), also elaborated on the recent bids released by the Government and affirmed that “from here to two or three years, Argentina, from the resources and the technology, will have the leading parks of the world”.

Moreover, Jorge Brito (h), expressed his point of view by making an assessment on the first year of the government with the following statement: “This government had to deal with a terminally ill patient and had to bear very important political costs. All that will be part of history if the investment arrives. The defining issue for the next year is the investment and the level of activity”.

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