Who are the 11 Argentinians in Forbes’ World’s Billionaires List

Forbes magazine published their annual ranking of the richest people in the world and the Argentinians appear in the 791 position.

According to Forbes Magazine ranking, the richest Argentinian is Alejandro Bulgheroni of Bridas Group. Eduardo Eurnekian, Gregorio Perez Companc, Alberto Roemmers and Jorge Horacio Brito, among others, were ranked further down.

Bulgheroni of Bridas Group was ranked 791 with USD 3 billion, followed by Eduardo Eurnekian of Corporación América at No. 887 with USD 2.7 billion, Gregorio Perez Companc was ranked 1339 with USD 1.8 billion.

Also ranked 1339 is the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Alberto Roemmers with USD 1.8 billion. Marcos Galperin appears in the 1447 position with USD 1.6 billion, Jorge Horacio Brito at No. 1756 with USD 1.3 billion, Eduardo Costantini at No. 1867 with USD 1.2 billion, Delfin Jorge Ezequiel Carballo at No. 1999 with USD 1.1 billion and Julio Patricio Supervielle was also ranked 1999 with USD 1.1 billion.

Top 10 world’s richest billionaires list

  1. Jeff Bezos USD 112 billion – United States
  2. Bill Gates USD 90 billion – United States
  3. Warren Buffett USD 84 billion – United States
  4. Bernard Arnault USD 72.2 billion – France
  5. Mark Zuckerberg USD 71 billion – United States
  6. Amancio Ortega USD 70 billion – Spain
  7. Carlos Slim USD 67.1 billion – Mexico
  8. Charles Koch USD 60 billion – United States.
  9. David Koch USD 60 billion – United States.
  10. Larry Ellison USD 58.5 billion – United States

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