Who is who? Walter Lanosa, General Manager of Genneia

Walter Lanosa is the General Manager of the company Genneia, belonging to Grupo Macro, presided by Jorge H. Brito.

The Cronista recently published its “Who is who?” about the energy company Genneia, belonging to the group of companies presided by Jorge Brito.

Genneia has its headquarters in Olivos, province of Buenos Aires. The declared turnover for 2016 has been of USD 119.7 million, it estimates investments for this year of USD 600 million and it has 300 employees.

The General Manager of the energy company, Genneia, is Walter Lanosa.

Its main owners and shareholders are PointState Argentum (44%), Fintech Energy LLC (25%), another 25% is divided among Jorge Brito, Jorge Pablo Brito and Ezequiel Carballo; and lastly, LAIG Investments, through its vehicle Prado Largo (6%).

For more information on the company, visit: www.genneia.com.ar

Published: - | Source: El Cronista Comercial